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JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded was born from an economic, social and environmental assessment.
The world of jewellery is facing challenges that need to be integrated into the very manufacturing of the jewels. We must offer a positive alternative to uncontrolled small-scale and artisanal mining, to the environmental impact of industrial mining, to the outsourcing of craftsmanship and skills, to the absence of transparency in the industry and traceability of the production chain.

This assessment has convinced us that the jewellery industry can become a driving force for change, by engaging in positive and concrete initiatives, by contributing to social and environmental progress, by striving for total transparency. By being beautiful not only esthetically, but also through its actions.


Ethical gold

Artisanal gold-mining is carried out by 15 million miners who support 60 million people in more than 50 countries from the poorest regions of the world. These areas are subject to economic exploitation, human rights violations, child labor abuses, but also to health risks and environmental inequalities. Mercury, cyanide and other toxic substances are causing serious pollution in the air, soil and water. Technologies are rudimentary and work conditions are dangerous.

Faced with these issues, Fairmined ethical gold is a positive, innovative and promising response. It is produced by human-scale artisanal mining communities, with the respect for rigorous eco-friendly standards of transparency, environmental protection and social engagement. 

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It is in France, in one of the most renowned jeweler’s workshops located in the heart of les Vosges, that our jewels take shape. The workshop is dedicated to excellence in jewellery-making, and is itself engaged in an innovative sustainable policy that uses its most beautiful craftsmanship to bring forth change and showcase one particular material: ethical Gold.

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Since its creation, JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded has worked exclusively with partners committed to guaranteeing the material’s traceability, from the mine to the jewellery box. A collaborative and thorough process allows complete traceability of Fairmined Gold, at every step of the manufacturing process: refining, alloying and casting. This process guarantees that Fairmined gold benefits from a dedicated production chain and is never mixed with gold coming from a different source.

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JEM's diamond

A Man’s soul must be cut like a jewel, of which each facet celebrates eternal light.  "

Christian Bobin

In 2018, we open a new chapter of our story and launch our first diamond, JEM’s diamond. An ethical and pioneer diamond, made in a laboratory.

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