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An even more beautiful shine, a real transparency

We are on the threshold of a new era, a new state of mind, a new, truer and brighter way to grasp the meaning of luxury, shifting the way we look at it.

In 2018, we open a new chapter of our story and launch our first diamond, JEM’s diamond. An ethical and pioneer diamond, made in a laboratory, that respects Men and nature and is completely traceable. A demanding new diamond, that partakes in the original movement of our jewellery house, which is to help the jewellery sector progress towards the true excellence and rigor of which luxury must be adorned: responsibility, commitment, social and environmental progress.


" Man’s hand can protect Humanity rather than endanger it, cultivate treasure rather than steal them, preserve and honor nature instead of damaging it. "


JEM’s diamond makes Man’s hand go from the depths of the Earth to the air. From an underground search to a celestial birth, in full light.

It brings together the best of nature and science, an alchemy that created treasures without the often terrible damages caused by traditional diamond mining. A stone of unique beauty, without the dangers that are usually associated with it.

Reuniting the unique transparency, shine, beauty and rarity of exceptional diamonds, as well as moral values that support this preciosity. Creating a new norm, a new dream. Giving a conscious diamond, of outstanding quality.

This new generation of diamond invents a new shine. A diamond from the present, from our times, of unprecedented purity. A diamond that embodies us and will go through the centuries after us. A diamond with a soul, the evidence of another form of eternity.


Choosing the most beautiful stones​

We give a lot of importance to the quality of our lab-grown diamonds, carefully selected among the most beautiful and the rarest stones in terms of color, purity and size. We chose to collaborate with the most demanding laboratories, for the quality of their stone as much as their social and environmental practices.

Among them, we are collaborating with Diamond Foundry, a pioneer actor of the lab-grown diamond industry, that recreates perfectly the conditions in which the Earth creates diamonds. Initiated in 2015, with Leonardo DiCaprio being one of their investors, this modern and innovative company based in San Francisco sees its ethical and ecological approach through, by uniting cutting-edge technology, solar energy and carbon neutrality to reach their zero ecological footprint goal.


" I'm proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc.  - cultivating real diamonds in America without the human & environmental toll of mining. "

Leonardo DiCaprio