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Lab-grown diamonds

Recreating light

A diamond is born from the crystallization of pure carbon. To become an exceptional stone, carbon goes through extremely high pressure and temperature that give it its hardness and shine.

Just like naturally formed diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are created through a natural phenomenon: carbon crystallization. Only the place and cause of this phenomenon are different. Natural diamonds are formed several kilometers under the surface of the Earth and require to be extracted, oftentimes leading to the most dramatic consequences for Men and nature. Lab-grown diamonds form at the surface of the Earth, in controlled social and environmental conditions.

A lab-grown diamond’s formation is initiated by the human hand, that can recreate the extreme conditions required for carbon to crystallize. This cutting-edges technology allows uncut diamonds to form at the surface of the Earth: exceptional, rare and unique stones. These stones are not fake gems nor imitations: they have the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds and are valued following the same 4Cs principle - carat, color, clarity and cut - that guarantees the quality and uniqueness of a diamond.


Lab-grown diamonds are cultivated in laboratories, but their quality, inalterability, optical finish as well as physical and chemical properties are absolutely identical to those of natural diamonds, that have grown underground for millions of years. They have the characteristic features of real diamonds. "

IGI International Gemological Institute


As a true scientific prowess, lab-grown diamond is a major innovation for the jewellery sector. From an environmental point of view, it has very little impact compared to mining. From a social point of view, it is neither associated with armed conflicts fueled by blood diamonds, nor to human exploitation (child labour, human rights infringement, forced labour, severe injuries). From an economic point of view, its disintermediated and traceable marketing chain guarantees that all forms of trafficking and corruption are avoided.


Putting science at the service of nature’s magic

Each lab-grown diamond is unique.
Man recreates the conditions needed for a diamond’s formation, then nature plays its part, and this is when magic happens: carbon crystallizes, giving birth to a unique diamond, in an unpredictable movement. Just like in the Earth’s core, the purest and whitest diamonds are the rarest.

Like fire lit by a match, or a cultivated flower, this new diamond emerges from magical unions, unpredictable and controlled at the same time, initiated by Men who help nature give birth to what it already possesses.

" In an identical environment, an irresistible attraction, and carbon crystallizes to form a diamond born of the magic that combines science and nature. "