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"We are the bees of the invisible. We wildly collect the honey of the visible, to store it in the great golden hive of the invisible."

Rainer Maria Rilke


We draw our inspiration from a future whose outline is being ever defined but whose values we can already grasp. We promote lucidity, enlightenment and radiance, by imagining and creating pieces of jewellery with the idea that a jewel can be held up as a value; that it may embody a value and be conscious of the world it has been created in and is going to last in. JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded intends to champion an introspective and invested jewellery industry, that challenges the status quo.  We aim to create jewels in a spirit of goodwill, according to our mission and idea of ethical progress.

We wish to launch a movement towards such progress. Shine a new light on the world of jewellery without depriving it of its essential poetry and grace. To bring about a new heritage that, beyond the sole piece of jewellery, will perpetuate a pushing of boundaries. To create a jewel with meaning, that would become, for oneself or for another, the symbol of an intimate, enlightened quest.

We hope that this jewellery will show the way for a movement in which it will shine its own light, today.




To preserve the sparkle reflected by the jewel, to reveal its light, the craft of jewellery-making must adopt a new perspective.

We believe that in this day and age the creation of a jewel must come with a shift in perspective from within the traditional system. By imagining new horizons, we aim to shine the light of new considerations on traditional thinking. JEM is the first French jeweler to be engaged in the « Fairmined » industry. This label guarantees the ethical exploitation of gold, extracted from mines that have subscribed to a process of transformation towards eco-responsible progress. It is by ensuring sustainable development all along our value chain that we pursue our mission, in consciousness and transparency. We commit to a true respect for human beings, we are highly aware of our economic and social responsibilities, concerned for the environment, and keen to preserve skilled craftsmanship, particularly French jewellery-making.

JEM was born from the intent to invent a new kind of jeweler’s craft that would pair ethical awareness and commitment with simplicity and refinement. Pieces mixing radicality and simplicity, timeless enough that they may become objects that move through time at the same pace as our dreams. Pieces consistent enough to cross our paths and leave a mark. Ethical pieces, that protect us from the volatility of our desires. 
A certain part of ourselves is embodied in their seeming minimalism and their singular strength: simple, uncluttered, pure elegance, symbolic of our underlying values.