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A marriage is also a way to create a new world, to reinvent our voice in harmony with another. Beyond the romanticism of the event, there is a genuine project to draw up a new territory, one we are committed to building in the name of love and of common beliefs and the promises they suppose. The notion is that we are here, now and already in the future. There is a future to invent.​


Wedding rings

We offer the main classical wedding bands in 18k Gold, in a finish quality proper to our brand: half-round, flat ribbon and rounded ribbon. Each shape can be personalized with the choice of the width, the Gold color and the finishing. To make it even more precious, the wedding band can be paved with ethical diamonds, grown in laboratory.

JEM presents a selection of « signature » wedding bands among its collections Anagramme, Sillons, Octogone, Etreintes and Voids by India Mahdavi, for a singular and contemporary design, in line with the minimalist aesthetics of the brand.

JEM also presents a line of engagement rings among its Octogone collection (Sillons and Étreintes upcoming).


Discover our creations in our store at 10 rue d'Alger, Paris 1st. 


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