To enter the ornament for its discover component parts

Inventing a language-material that expresses the vertigo of the possibilities of Gold: these jewels compose a phrasing that would resemble these words that are not said, to this language that we speak without saying it. Superimpositions of vibrant textures, pearled colors, gleams engraved like moments, shades of gold mixed with light, they are ordered like a chance, freely composed to give them a meaning. Their fragile unity, like the balance they compose, is arranged like a sculpture.

Collection Anagramme, 2020

Leur unité fragile, comme l'équilibre qu'ils composent, s'agence comme une sculpture

Jouez avec toutes les possibilités qu’offrent ces bijoux précieux aux multiples dimensions

Un bijou qui devienne un moment unique, à soi, une page sur laquelle chacun pourrait écrire sa propre histoire