Traceability - Fairmined certified ethical Grenaille d'Or - JEM
Traceability - Fairmined certified ethical Grenaille d'Or - JEM


Since its creation, JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded has worked exclusively with partners committed to guaranteeing the material’s traceability, from the mine to the jewellery box. A collaborative and thorough process allows complete traceability of Fairmined Gold, at every step of the manufacturing process: refining, alloying and casting. This process guarantees that Fairmined gold benefits from a dedicated production chain and is never mixed with gold coming from a different source.

Historically opaque, fragmented and involving a confusing number of intermediaries, the jewellery industry must now rise to the crucial challenge of traceability, which is still too rare:
Traceability of the metals that are often melted in great quantities and in several steps, adding to the confusion over the origins of the material. Traceability of the stones, diamonds in particular which can go through more than ten intermediaries, from extraction through to the final shaping. Each JEM piece bears a serial number that allows it to be traced back to its origins.

Fairmined certified ethical gold - JEM, sustainable jewellery

Fairmined gold



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