Between radical and simple

This is the story of a structured, distorted shape, which, as it reflects, undoes itself, gradually moves away from its archetypal origin.

A perfect shape that slowly impedes itself. It becomes dual. The octagon becomes irregular. From this formal frame, with bold lines, a mobile and aerial dimension arises. A controlled irregularity brings it to life.

Inspired by the eponymous shape, Octogone reinterprets this classic of formal architecture in a new way. Jewel-objects that move away from their original shape to create a new one. Dissociated, faceted, dual. A rhythmic duality for a jewel of pure beauty, giving birth to a singular intimacy within an emblematic shape.

At first glance, it is a structured object of geometric precision, presenting a comforting radicality, which then slowly starts to shift, creating a sway, a duality. A chasm between what one expects and what actually occurs… When worn, it is a slender jewel whose angles and summits are offset by the airiness of the whole. Celestial and minimalist. On closer inspection, the light crosses the jewel like a beam. The mat inside captures the light by absorbing it, the shine of the outside reflects it and reveals its brightness.

The shapes have etched precision but make for a delicate wearability. The pieces are finely honed, dedicated to the space they continually create between themselves and the skin.

Mastered pieces, dedicated to the space they constantly create, between them and the skin

Celestial, minimalist, aerial