Questioning the eye and logic

The Étreintes collection re-examines the eloquence and meaning of jewellery. Both in relation to its language and its form. The story becomes clearer as one gets closer. A revelation, each piece of jewellery is a work of natural associations and effortless combinations, the incarnation of simplicity.

Architecturally- inspired, the harmonious lines featured in the collection remain pure, capturing the strength of simplicity and the beauty of form. Enigmatic and playful, the curves both puzzle and entice.

Two elementary shapes, seemingly separate from one another, become interlocked‚ mysteriously and subtly, forming a piece of jewellery that is unique both in shape and the way in which it is worn. The curves of two complementary structures combine, two halves of one whole, to create a design that is both graphic and precise.

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Intriguing yet obvious, restrained yet spontaneous, each playful and poetic combination speaks its own language.

Two separate pieces, versatile and intelligent, combine to make a whole, melding into a piece of jewellery that is unique in and of itself. Vibrant jewellery. When an object stays in perpetual motion, its form, material and meaning evolve with the rhythm of our lives. Each piece of jewellery is the sum of its carefully invented parts.

To combine and separate, to unite and undo, to harmoniously meld discrete elements, in lively and constant movement. New encounters that each time lead to another piece of jewellery.

Étreintes Collection, Pauline Deltour pour JEM, 2019

Une chorégraphie
qui ravit la géométrie

Deux formes homogènes qui s’assemblent, presque comme par magie, pour évoluer en un bijou unique, graphique, vivant.

L'évidence d'une rencontre

Boucle d'oreille en Or jaune éthique Fairmined - Collection Étreintes - JEM

Ses courbes graphiques recherchent l’harmonie, l’épure, la force de la simplicité